Introduction to Section 508 and Online Learning Accessibility
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Instructor Notes

This WebQuest was designed as a project in my Instructional Design class, ETEC 601, at Nova Southeastern University where I am pursuing a Master of Science in Educational Technology. The project is also part of the accessibility resource set I am designing for my colleagues at Sinclair Community College. This is designed to be a self-paced instructional unit. As such, it does not include formal assessment tools.

Purpose: This WebQuest has been designed to introduce faculty and staff to the Section 508 requirements. On completion of this WebQuest, participants should be able to (a) understand the basic requirements of Section 508, (b) identify the various disabilities students might have and how those disabilities affect students' online learning experience, and (c) find additional resources about Web accessibility.

Prerequisites: This WebQuest requires no special skills beyond the ability to find and use information on the Internet.

Time and Resources: This WebQuest may be completed in less than 30 minutes. Some students may wish to spend more time using the simulations and researching additional resources.

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