Unit Quiz

After completing the practice exercises, answer the following questions to see how well you know the key terms.

 Question 1

    a.speech made by a character alone on a stage
    b.rhythm and pitch of the actor's voice
    c.visual elements, including props
    d.a long dialogue

 Question 2

    a.costume accessory
    b.sound including rhythm and music
    c.storyline or the order of events that occur
    d.directions given to the actors

 Question 3

    a.play critiaue
    b.stage directions
    c.author's message
    d.character development

 Question 4

Allegorical character
    a.a character named by a personification of human attributes
    b.a character who appears in a flashback
    c.a main character who lives despite terrible obstacles
    d.a character with mystical powers

 Question 5

    a.historical drama with battle scenes
    b.a play that includes a ghost
    c.terrible events happen to or are caused by the main character
    d.a narrator appears between acts to announce new developments

 Question 6

    a.a disease similar to the plague, frequently explained in ancient theater
    b.character flaw (arrogance, pride, or greed) which causes a character's downfall
    c.inverted plot order
    d.antics of a comic minor character

 Question 7

    a.author's message
    b.problems of a dark horse character
    c.a situational comedy
    d.the audience knows more about the events than the characters know

 Question 8

    a.a foreign accent
    b.word choices and dialogue made by the playwright
    c.long scene with only one character
    d.singing with the chorus

 Question 9

    a.motivation created by the main character
    b.The audience does not know what is going to happen.
    c.The characters do not know what will happen but the audience does.
    d.subplot that introduces a tragic character

 Question 10

    a.the main character's tragic flaw which leads to her/his demise and is often due to a character flaw or inborn weakness
    b.an ironic event caused by the main character
    c.a comic aside in ancient Greek theater
    d.the courage of the chorus

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